高交会日报:《与世界互联》(Connected with the world)




Since the Internet Plus was included in the government initiatives in 2015, China has seensignificant changes to its concept and market in less than half a year —“Internet Plus is being integrated and penetrated at an exponential rate into almost all the fields that are also thinking and adapting to the changes the integration of Internet Plus enables our lifestyle, production mode and social management to be changed gradually, while making Chinas economy reborn under the new normal.


In view of theprevious two versions of China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF), the demonstrations on Internet Plus have been increasingly on the rise. In particular, the Internet Plus Pavilion at this years 18th CHTF is seeing a continuity of demonstrations on innovative products and solutions from transportation, health, manufacturing, finance, commerce and trade, logistics, culture and public service, in combination with Internet technologies, bringing much richer  Internet Plus innovative experience to attendees.


Guangzhou-based Newtempo that has participated in the CHTF many times is presenting its N-show somatosensory learning machine integrating collective sense control technology,3D technology and Augmented Reality (AR) technology at CHTF 2016, which is designed to create a new style of scene-based, immersed and interactive learning. Chen Jianhua, Founder and Deputy Managing Director of Newtempo,  told the CHTF Daily that Internet plus Education is a new education method, and somatosensory technology is one of the ways or means to achieve it. In the future, content will continue to be at the core, combined with breaking tools, allowing children to live and study heavily in sports or interactive games.


In the view of Chen Jianhua, Founder and Deputy Managing Director of Newtempo, the innovationand reformation around Internet Plus are in the pipeline across almost all walks of life. We are pleased to see the acceptance of our products by our users as well as the changes products bring to their operating habits. However, we should encourage consumers to actively embracing innovation, said Chen. Enterprises who want to pursue transformation through Internet Plus innovation should not be market interest-driven but user-focused. Therefore, it is the key to create practical Internet Plus products.


After attempt to Internet Plus technology or product innovation, needless to say, Chinas large number of traditional industries or enterprises offer a new experience mode and bring more values to their brand, while further helping traditional brands with successful transformation. Internet Plus, however, should not be a burden to enterprises, but should be viewed as a driving for ceor catalyst.


There are numerous outstanding Internet Plus enterprises or projects at CHTF and hi-tech corporate teams or professionals that the whole country is striving to explore. As it turns out, Internet is not just a tool to create innovative products, build brands and disseminate culture. With the evolving development of internet applications, information from human-computer interaction to human-human interaction to enable in-depth integration of the virtual world with the real world.


As a player in Internet Plus, Chen jianhua has a first-hand experience of the changes Internet Plus bring to industries, markets and life of consumers. In his view, operational idea, management mode and product innovational of an enterprise should not only respond to market demands, but also seize any opportunities and challenges the internet brings at any moment. This might be the key to determining whether enterprises can win the initiative and keep fast and sound development in the competition at home and abroad or not.




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